Flash in the Pan: Fork

It’s been going on for quite a while, but it’s almost over. A lot has been lost, but a lot has also been gained. I go; he doesn’t see what I am doing. I take out his queen and fork him; his knight and rook are at risk of being taken. He moves his knight and takes out yet another pawn, so I counter with taking his rook. Yet again, I fork him; he has to choose between a knight and a bishop. When he moves his knight, I know that the game is over. I take his bishop and put him in check. When he moves out of check, I move my rook and put him in check mate. I am victorious; I congratulate him on a game well-played.


This is my installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was fork; the maximum word count was 150 words. My word count is 130 words. To view what others are writing or to learn how to write Flash Fiction, click on the link.


2 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan: Fork

  1. Red says:

    That pesky timer made him lose his concentration.

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