Flash in the Pan: Buffet

Some think it will end soon, but others think not. We currently have the advantage because the USS Constitution sunk the British Guinevere. This war started in 1812; now it’s 1814, and it’s still going on. Most people want it to end; however, when one side seems to have the advantage, the other gains to make it even again. Every day we buffet with the British; we struggle trying to stay alive.


Another fun installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was buffet; max word count was 150 words. My word count is 70 words. I had tons of fun with this one; to check out what other authors have written, click on the link.


3 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan: Buffet

  1. Red says:

    Great evocation of feeling, Sam.

  2. I like this. Creative use of the prompt!

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