Flash in the Pan: Galley

“It’s perfect,” he thought. He went through the design of the enormous ship – the galley. He knows all about his target; he knows that she is a very precise, time-scheduled character; he knows that she will be walking into her room at exactly 9:15pm. So, he plans to take her at precisely 9:25pm and be out of her room by 9:35pm, the latest. Later on that night as he watched her leave the dining hall, he started running through his plan in his mind. As he approaches her room door, his heart begins to race; something is wrong. The air around the room is different. He walks in the door; all is dark, not how it’s supposed to be. A storm starts and lightning flashes; in the window sill, he sees – a raven.


I loved working with the expansive room of the galley; definitely my favorite installment of Flash in the Pan so far. The word was galley; max word count was 150 words. My word count is 133 words. Click on the link to read other works by other authors on this word.


One thought on “Flash in the Pan: Galley

  1. Red says:

    Now, who will be the victim? Nice.

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