Flash in the Pan: Reservations

Thomas used to be very outgoing; he played a lot of sports, had many friends, and even dated the most popular girl at his school. He’s changed since that day. He went to a party with his best friend; there was alcohol and lots of it. He got flat out drunk. His friend insisted on driving home, but Thomas had no reservations. They wrecked; his friend died; he keeps all of his emotions inside.


This is yet another installment to Flash in the Pan. The word was reservation; the max word count was 75 words. My word count is 74 words. Writing flash fiction is fun, so if you want to: a) read more of it or b) learn how to write it, then visit the link and have a blast.


3 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan: Reservations

  1. Red says:

    Too many of these. Even one is too many.

  2. Hard to like this one, far too many of these stories.

  3. […] Flash in the Pan: Reservations (samhelms.wordpress.com) […]

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