Flash in the Pan: Scurvy

Chris grew up in a nice home; he had good parents that loved him, what he needed, and loving brothers. One day, his uncle came down to visit the family; the uncle stayed for a few months. When the uncle went back home, Chris changed. He went from being a decent young man to a scurvy, grumpy, immature miscreant; he hasn’t been the same since his true self has been uncovered.


This installment for Flash in the Pan is a tad more serious than the rest, but it’s still good. The word was scurvy; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 71 words. To view what the other writers had to say about scurvy, visit the link.


3 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan: Scurvy

  1. suehelms says:

    I understand perfectly.

  2. Red says:

    Methinks he may be on the verge of being caught for whatever nefarious shenanigans he and his uncle were committing…

  3. Hmmm, did the uncle uncover his true self or instead do him wrong?

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