Flash in the Pan: Tablecloth

It is ours, all ours. No longer did everyone have to fight about who was getting it because when momma’s will was finally found, all of the bickering stopped – briefly. When Mr. Lawyer – yes, that’s his name – read out the will in front of the family, he paused before he got to the part about… the tablecloth. It was hand-stitched by their great-great-great-grandmother; it only looks a few years old, but it’s almost 100 years old. When Mr. Lawyer read that it was going to be mine [Bubba Joe’s], I was filled with so much ecstasy.


This is another fun installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was tablecloth; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 95 words. If you enjoyed mine, then click on the link and view what others have written.


4 thoughts on “Flash in the Pan: Tablecloth

  1. suehelms says:

    I have a handed-stitched tablecloth from your great- grandmother Sam.

  2. Red says:

    With a name like Bubba Joe, I am guessing he will end up using it at beer pong night. o.O

  3. Strange the things that matter and the things that quite family bickering down.

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