“That’s right; just a little closer,” he thought. “Two more feet… There!” He lunged when she was within his reach; however, when she turned around, there was a surprise. She wasn’t supposed to know that he was there. He had a bad feeling about this.



Well, hello there. Yes, I am still alive and writing. I’m busy with college life. Oh boy! SO much fun…

Reach was the hot flash, which means I only had 50 words to write this. My flash comes creeping in at 45 words. This is the next sneaky installment of Flash in the Pan. Want to read what others have written? Click the link and enjoy!


Flash in the Pan: Galley

“It’s perfect,” he thought. He went through the design of the enormous ship – the galley. He knows all about his target; he knows that she is a very precise, time-scheduled character; he knows that she will be walking into her room at exactly 9:15pm. So, he plans to take her at precisely 9:25pm and be out of her room by 9:35pm, the latest. Later on that night as he watched her leave the dining hall, he started running through his plan in his mind. As he approaches her room door, his heart begins to race; something is wrong. The air around the room is different. He walks in the door; all is dark, not how it’s supposed to be. A storm starts and lightning flashes; in the window sill, he sees – a raven.


I loved working with the expansive room of the galley; definitely my favorite installment of Flash in the Pan so far. The word was galley; max word count was 150 words. My word count is 133 words. Click on the link to read other works by other authors on this word.

Flash in the Pan: Parboiled

He screams, yet no one can hear him. He can’t move; the ties won’t budge. His body temperature is about 119 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the water below him is already boiling. He can feel his stomach and intestines start to shrink and harden. He screams even more as his skin begins to slowly peel off. Then, all light fades to darkness. When they finally find him, he is unrecognizable; he has no pulse. His liver is completely cooked; his stomach, intestines, lungs, and other organs are parboiled – except his heart. When they pulled his body out of the onyx black cauldron, there was a hole in the left side of his chest; his heart was missing. After searching very carefully, they found his heart – cut into pieces – shoved down his throat.


This is my installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was parboiled; the maximum word count was 150 words. My word count is 130 words. To view what others are writing or to learn how to write Flash Fiction, click on the link.