Flash: Progress

“I’ve finally got some progress with this stupid internet.”

“How much have you done?”

“Not nearly enough for what I need.”

“Is there any way which I can help you?”

“YES! Shut up and leave me alone. You really think that I would trust an amateur to help me this?! Do you think I’m stupid?!”



Well, the new words are out!! For those of you who viewed my earlier blog posts, then this is for Flash in the Pan. If you enjoy reading some good material, then check out the link. The word was Progress; the max word count was 100 words. This comes in at 55 words.


Flash in the Pan: Scurvy

Chris grew up in a nice home; he had good parents that loved him, what he needed, and loving brothers. One day, his uncle came down to visit the family; the uncle stayed for a few months. When the uncle went back home, Chris changed. He went from being a decent young man to a scurvy, grumpy, immature miscreant; he hasn’t been the same since his true self has been uncovered.


This installment for Flash in the Pan is a tad more serious than the rest, but it’s still good. The word was scurvy; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 71 words. To view what the other writers had to say about scurvy, visit the link.

Flash in the Pan: Cantina

“¡Hola! Welcome to La Buena Cantina. What can I get you to drink?”

“I’ll take a beer.”

“Sorry. Just sold the last one. Next shipment doesn’t come until tomorrow. Can I offer you something else?”

“Cuervo on the rocks.”

“Coming right up. So, why are you here?”

“Wife’s upset… again.”

“Oh. I completely understand.”

“Yea. Just here to relax and cool off.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right spot.”


Another good, and funny, installment to Flash in the Pan. The word was cantina; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 69 words. To view other authors’ stories about their cantinas, then click on the link and drift to another world.


To anyone who reads this, which would you think would be better; is the bartender a male or female? Comment which one and your reason.

Flash in the Pan: Buffet

Some think it will end soon, but others think not. We currently have the advantage because the USS Constitution sunk the British Guinevere. This war started in 1812; now it’s 1814, and it’s still going on. Most people want it to end; however, when one side seems to have the advantage, the other gains to make it even again. Every day we buffet with the British; we struggle trying to stay alive.


Another fun installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was buffet; max word count was 150 words. My word count is 70 words. I had tons of fun with this one; to check out what other authors have written, click on the link.

Flash in the Pan: Tablecloth

It is ours, all ours. No longer did everyone have to fight about who was getting it because when momma’s will was finally found, all of the bickering stopped – briefly. When Mr. Lawyer – yes, that’s his name – read out the will in front of the family, he paused before he got to the part about… the tablecloth. It was hand-stitched by their great-great-great-grandmother; it only looks a few years old, but it’s almost 100 years old. When Mr. Lawyer read that it was going to be mine [Bubba Joe’s], I was filled with so much ecstasy.


This is another fun installment of Flash in the Pan. The word was tablecloth; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 95 words. If you enjoyed mine, then click on the link and view what others have written.

Flash in the Pan: Diner

“Gosh! I love this restaurant; I could eat here every day.”

“So, you could be a diner here for the rest of your life, Grant?”

“I guess you could say that, but the food here is just SO amazing.”


So, here is another installment for Flash in the Pan. The word was diner; max word count was 75 words. My word count is 39 words. To see what others have written about diner, click and the link.

For those who know my family, comment telling me which would be funnier: is “Grant” my dad or brother? Have fun!

Flash in the Pan: Galley

“It’s perfect,” he thought. He went through the design of the enormous ship – the galley. He knows all about his target; he knows that she is a very precise, time-scheduled character; he knows that she will be walking into her room at exactly 9:15pm. So, he plans to take her at precisely 9:25pm and be out of her room by 9:35pm, the latest. Later on that night as he watched her leave the dining hall, he started running through his plan in his mind. As he approaches her room door, his heart begins to race; something is wrong. The air around the room is different. He walks in the door; all is dark, not how it’s supposed to be. A storm starts and lightning flashes; in the window sill, he sees – a raven.


I loved working with the expansive room of the galley; definitely my favorite installment of Flash in the Pan so far. The word was galley; max word count was 150 words. My word count is 133 words. Click on the link to read other works by other authors on this word.