Last Breath

She left him; she tore his heart right out of his chest. “I just want it over,” he thinks to himself. He wants her back, but he knows that will never happen. He cheated on her, but, sadly, he thought that he could hide it from her; however, she found out about the affair. When she confronted him about it, he lied; she got pissed and dumped him. Now, he regrets ever cheating. He looks around his 7th story apartment; he notices many choices for an egress. He picks the balcony; he jumps. During the fall, he is relieved; he’s full of joy. Then, it hits him. He fell on a car’s hood; he recognizes the color and driver. She came to see him. Her face is full of fear. She came to tell him that she loves him; with his last breath, he tells her, “I love you.”


This shocking tragedy is a decent installment to Flash in the Pan. The word was egress; max word count was 150 words. This comes tumbling in at a jaw-dropping 149 words. Like reading flash fiction? Want to read more of it? Want to know others writing on this topic? Click on the link and blow this popsicle stand.