All vegetation around him rapidly decays. No one wants him; he is alone, except for those he has taken. He is a tall, mysterious figure with a dark aura around him; he wears a coal black business suit. When he visits, no one expects him. He can come around any time of the day; he doesn’t care if you’re happy or sad. He is the downfall of us all; he is death; he is Thanatos.



An enjoyable piece to read for Flash in the Pan. The word was around; max word count was 75 words. This comes creeping in at exactly 75 words. If you enjoyed this and would like to read similar ones, follow the link and have a blast!


Flash in the Pan: Scurvy

Chris grew up in a nice home; he had good parents that loved him, what he needed, and loving brothers. One day, his uncle came down to visit the family; the uncle stayed for a few months. When the uncle went back home, Chris changed. He went from being a decent young man to a scurvy, grumpy, immature miscreant; he hasn’t been the same since his true self has been uncovered.


This installment for Flash in the Pan is a tad more serious than the rest, but it’s still good. The word was scurvy; max word count was 100 words. My word count is 71 words. To view what the other writers had to say about scurvy, visit the link.