Flash Fiction: Staff (100)

Well, I personally decided to not continue writing due to personal reasons (i.e. college, homework, grades, etc.); however, one of my friends encouraged to me to keep going and she provided me with the word and count of the week.

I can not believe it. It has lasted for so long. I remember when I first got my staff: it was the day I left for my first journey. It was a few weeks after my best friend’s birthday when she invited me to go along with her. That was many decades ago. I guess that it’s about time I got a new one, but I’ll never forget the times that I’ve had and the memories that will stay forever.

Word Count: 80



Hello those who follow. Surprisingly enough, I am still alive. The past few months have been hectic and I just don’t know what to do. Being back at school has made me want to stay up here; however, I just want to get away from everyone and everything just to think. Honestly, I should be sleeping right now, but, as you can tell, I am not. My body is tired, but my mind is wide awake. I think I am a constant thinker. I am always analyzing situations and possible confrontations and resolutions to those situations. My mind always races and sometimes even rambles – probably what it is doing right now.

Well, just wanted to let you know that I’m not dead. Until next time!


“That’s right; just a little closer,” he thought. “Two more feet… There!” He lunged when she was within his reach; however, when she turned around, there was a surprise. She wasn’t supposed to know that he was there. He had a bad feeling about this.



Well, hello there. Yes, I am still alive and writing. I’m busy with college life. Oh boy! SO much fun…

Reach was the hot flash, which means I only had 50 words to write this. My flash comes creeping in at 45 words. This is the next sneaky installment of Flash in the Pan. Want to read what others have written? Click the link and enjoy!

Last Breath

She left him; she tore his heart right out of his chest. “I just want it over,” he thinks to himself. He wants her back, but he knows that will never happen. He cheated on her, but, sadly, he thought that he could hide it from her; however, she found out about the affair. When she confronted him about it, he lied; she got pissed and dumped him. Now, he regrets ever cheating. He looks around his 7th story apartment; he notices many choices for an egress. He picks the balcony; he jumps. During the fall, he is relieved; he’s full of joy. Then, it hits him. He fell on a car’s hood; he recognizes the color and driver. She came to see him. Her face is full of fear. She came to tell him that she loves him; with his last breath, he tells her, “I love you.”


This shocking tragedy is a decent installment to Flash in the Pan. The word was egress; max word count was 150 words. This comes tumbling in at a jaw-dropping 149 words. Like reading flash fiction? Want to read more of it? Want to know others writing on this topic? Click on the link and blow this popsicle stand.


It is his weakness; he has to stay away from it or it kills him. It’s his silver bullet for a werewolf; his garlic for a vampire; his sin for a human. It is his predator. It hunts him out every day. It is kryptonite; he is Superman. When he is near it, to causes him to regress and not be so super.



It’s a super installment for Flash in the Pan. The word was regress; max word count was 75 words. This comes falling out of the sky with a total of 63 words. To read other super additions to Flash in the Pan, follow the link.

Dr. Who

“Bobby, you’ve been working on that thing for the past nineteen and a half years; when are you going to just give up?”

“You don’t understand it, do you?”

“Understand what?! Why you’ve spent so much time on this THING? I have no clue.”

“You know that’s not what I meant. My point is this; if I can get this time machine working, then it will be an enormous scientific break-through and we will be able to travel back in time and correct all wrong things. This is the next BIG thing.”

“Bobby, this is useless. There is NO point in ANY one talking you out of this stupid ‘time travel’ idea.”

DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*


This tale, along with many others, travels back over to Flash in the Pan. The word was travel; max word count was 150 words. This flash comes flying in at 112 words. Want to learn about others’ travelling experiences, follow the link to a magical land.


All vegetation around him rapidly decays. No one wants him; he is alone, except for those he has taken. He is a tall, mysterious figure with a dark aura around him; he wears a coal black business suit. When he visits, no one expects him. He can come around any time of the day; he doesn’t care if you’re happy or sad. He is the downfall of us all; he is death; he is Thanatos.



An enjoyable piece to read for Flash in the Pan. The word was around; max word count was 75 words. This comes creeping in at exactly 75 words. If you enjoyed this and would like to read similar ones, follow the link and have a blast!